hi all, as everyone knows peds vibrate like crazy from riding. my question is can i use loc-tite on the nuts and bolts to keep this problem to a minimum? or will it be too much come time for cleaning and or maintaince?? thanks.

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Hello paul, this is straight out of Freds guide-


Mopeds are single cylinder engines... which means they vibrate a lot... they also have crude suspensions... which means a lot of road vibes shake everything.

So bolts can loosen up and fall out and you will actually lose parts on the road.

To stop that... put "blue Loctite" (from the Auto parts store) on ALL the bolts and nuts and screws when you are working on your moped... don't use red loctite.. (it sticks tooo well)

Losing a $35 piece of plastic because a 5 cent screw fell out... SUCKS !

to read the rest, click on Resources, then Articles, then Freds guide. It is so informative it makes me sick (just kidding Fred, we all love you for writing that article.)

: )

Cool man... thanks... there was a lot of bad info (or no info) being given out here when I first found this forum... and I just couldn't stand it... it started out as one paragraph... then.....???

And I use blue loctite ALL THE TIME on all my bikes... I almost never put a screw in without using loctite on it.

I have lost toooo many screws (and a few parts) to not use it.

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What would you say if I told you I had to use "red loctite" on all my engine and clutch bolts or they just let loose in no time?


Re: : )

thanks again for the great advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: good

I would say that if you are talking about internal engine bolts and screws that that is what I also use for them.

And if it works good for you... great.

I think you might find professional mechanics use the blue for general external nuts and bolts... because it is much cheaper and works good.

Also... I might be thinking of the "Stud and Bearing Mount" Loctite (red also.. which is not supposed to come apart)

But I will admit... there is one bolt on one of my bikes that DESPITE loctite... I have still lost about 5 of them !

I think red is my next step.

Re: good


I'm talkin' about the main screw that holds the carb to the manifold, the cylinder head bolts, and the exhaust manifold bolts to the the jug. Can't keep 'em on without red. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't keep 'em their for good. About 25 miles per application!!!!


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