Turn signal help

I just got a pair of turn signals off ebay for 20 bucks. Now what i need is the thing that makes em blink. What it called? Where can i get one? My ped already has the switch for them and the wiring done so all i have to do is bolt em on nd plug in the wire. THere is a little cover over a sopt next to the switch which is where i belive this thing goes.Im not sure so dont call me an idiot or anytrhing. Need all the help i can get when it comes to these turn signals. Keep the knowlage flowing


Trac Man

Re: Turn signal help

Jamie Leonard /

Sounds like you need a flasher (It's a little dome thing, contains a bimetallic strip... what happens is you pass current, strip of metal heats and bends, makes contact flash and process then reverses itself, then repeat ad nauseum. Depending on if it takes a special one or not a standard flasher from a car might work (available at most hardware stores or automotive shops)

Re: Turn signal help

I beleive 12volt takes a #552 flasher, don`t know about 6volt

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