Rattlznake and everyone else read this!!!!!!

Rattlznake, I want to ask you something why do you come to the forum and ask for help then you post a post under the name "Kris" and call people with mopeds "Faggots". Seriously tho dude, you must have some problems with yourself, (A little uncertain about your sexuality so you call every faggots to make yourself feel better) Thats my theory, lol. Now your all asking how do I know this, Its pretty simply actually. If you look at the "Kris's" DNS, (its after the author) you would notice that Kris's DNS is (---.mesqt1.tx.home.com), Now look at Rattlznake and his is (---.mesqt1.tx.home.com) Coincidence, Very unlikley because how many people are on this forum from Texas, and from Mesqt, I know thats a city in Texas but its shortened. I would highly doubt two people from the same state and town would go to this forum. What makes mopeds "gay" anyway dude, I got mine for 75 and I fixed it up and I'm gonna sell it for like 500 and I already have like 2 buyers.

Re: Rattlznake and everyone else read this!!!!!!

Also who ever owns this site , you should seriously consider getting a message board that requires registration, and when little immature losers are being annoying and posting negative things you can ban them, lol. Rattlznake( That name itself makes you gay) you should go like make a friend or something. LOL

this is what happens

Rattlznake /

this is what happens when u let your girlfriend alone with the computer for 2 seconds.

im really sorry guys,

that was not me, i have two mopeds

if u guys dont want me to post here anymore i understand

again i am very sorry

she is dumb somtimes

she is jealous of the time i spend on it.

Re: this is what happens

Rattlznake,DUMP HER ! SHE'S A TROUBLEMAKER EXTRORDINAIRE! In school we used to refer to girlfriends like that as `the future HOME WRECKERS of America.' FHMA; LOL.Just lock her outta that computer somehows,man!

Re: this is what happens

rattlznake /

ill try lol

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