recharging battery

hi all,

i have a question about the batteries on my 83 honda pa50. is it possible to rechage them? there's a guage on the side that says upper and lower level, can i just fill the battery up with something? thanks.

Re: recharging battery

You are supposed to fill batteries with distilled water.

But if the battery is over 5 years old you can fill it with regular water because its dead anyway.

"Recharging" it means getting a battery charger (a 'machine') and charging it.

But you don't need a good battery for that bike to run anyway.

Re: recharging battery

thanks for the info.

for some reason today, i noticed the lights weren't as bright as usual when stopped, and she would stall. so i followed your advice and put some water in the battery, and she's running great now. thanks again.

Re: recharging battery

just recharge it

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