new california motor scooter law??

<HTML>does anyone know what kind of vehicles this covers, what the hell is a motor scooter... are their any commertially available gas powered motor scooters that meet this definition and are very good at getting one from point a to point b?</HTML>

RE: new california motor scooter law??

Simon King /

<HTML>what exactly is the new law? i know people who drive mopeds and scooters in calaifornia and they never had problems before - what changed from the old law? has it gone into effect already?</HTML>

RE: new california motor scooter law??

<HTML> The new law allows the use of "MOTORIZED SCOOTERS" as opposed to motorscooters. A motorized scooter is a go-ped type motorized skateboard. There are certain definitions and limitations on where and how they can be used. Check the "Moped News" section on the front page of for a better explanation.</HTML>

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