New Honda scooters...

Yeah, yeah, I know that they aren't exactly mopeds, but, hey, you've got to give these little guys some credit. Man, do they look cool. Too bad they aren't out till April. Still, I love to see that they are all now low emission four strokes, something a tree hugger like myself loves to see. Check them out at but don't think about buying one, cause I want to be the first to get one and I don't want them to be sold out :)

Re: New Honda scooters...

Wayne Broderick /

I hate to admit it, but a couple of the 50cc hondas are pretty darn nice. One reminds me of a vespa. The others were kind of stupid... a "hybrid" between a motorcycle and a scooter...!

Thanks for posting that, I'll test drive one to see how it feels... I still like moped styling, though

Who wants a honda

why would you wanta honda????///

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