Mopeds are for faggots


Re: Mopeds are for faggots



Do you even know what a moped is? idiot.

Re: Mopeds are for faggots

check the email address

Re: Mopeds are for faggots

Wayne Broderick /

Kris has some inside info on this subject.

Re: Mopeds are for faggots

am i supposed to take offense to that?

Re: Thanks everyone!

For not jumping in and wasting band width replying to this lame and tired topic.

These people should take up kite flying in thunder storms.

Re: Thanks everyone!

Jon Dalton /

I love these kind of posts myself, especially when you ask the guy why he doesn't like mopeds, and he answers back. I don't know if Kris ever plans to come back but if he does, I would love to have a thoughtful debate with him .

Re: Community

My guess is that most of the people who post negative stuff in our forum is because they resent the sense of community that becomes apparent as soon as you read a few of our posts.

Like Jon said, even someone who really really hated mopeds would be welcome here, as long as they were capable of speaking reasonably.

Oh, and Jim: Text posts in a forum make up one of the most easily compressed and are among the highest data transmission levels we can see. If you're downloading raw text (as in the Moped Army frorum) and you have a problem with 'bandwidth', you shold get a new ISP, ASAP

I remember when the whole net was text only, 'cept for ASCII 'art'. 300bps, only website was a local 'TELNET' thet provided the local weather (text only).

By the time I got the commodore 64 hooked up and dialed in and navigated a text-only menu to see local weather, I could have just looked outside-- still there was something very cool about it.

Anyway, I digress. Jim's right, we shouldn't waste much energy on 'Trolls' but it's not because of the bandwidth.



Re: Mopeds are for faggots

I am still just amazed that some "people" will take the time to find this site, navigate through it and post this nonsensical drivel. I can't speak for anyone else, but my life is too short to waste on things such as this.


Re: Mopeds are for faggots

I know who you are on this forum

Re: Mopeds are for faggots

Uh...sorry...I wasn't aware of that fact. I guess I'll sell my mint silver Allstate with the beautiful biturbo pipe. How will I break the news to my girlfriend, she loves the damn moped.

Re: Mopeds are for faggots

I think that Kris is a homophobe! You should never use that "F" word, and I am not talking about fuck either. It is really offensive to some people.

Hold ye horseys!

A) I doubt he/she/it ever checked back to this site to see what people write and B) If we just ignore the problem it goes away. Don't give into these bastards. Be strong and don't write back, even though I know that it feels wonderful to be able to vent your anger at people. He's too much of a low life to waste your breath (or your typing) over. He's just a little, annoying bug.

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