output voltage ???

Can somebody tell me what kind of voltage I should see coming out of my external ingniton coil?

Its a 79 motron medalist,, its 6v, and about 49 cc.

Whats a ballpark range,, enough to create a spark at the plug?

I'm getting 13 v at the spark plug cap when i crank it over,, but no spark at the plug when i put the plug in the cap and ground the threads of the plug on the engine head.

thanks in advance !!

Re: output voltage ???

Jon Dalton /

13 volts isn't enough at all, it's more in the range of thousands of volts. In my experience it's usually the points that cause a weak voltage.

Re: output voltage ???

you will not be able to measure a voltage at the sparkplug with any conventional meter. It is a high voltage pulse. Check your point gap. Look for a spark when the plug is connected and grounded.

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