Minarelli, out of business?

<HTML>A shop that only handles Tomos mopeds told me that Minarelli is out of business. Is that so? If not, is there any contact info that I could get? This phorum may be the only support that owners have left.</HTML>

RE: Minarelli, out of business?

twowheelers /

<HTML>They're definitelly not out of business, but they did restructure and now make standard scooter engines for European scooter manufacturers. The company is called Minarelli Motori, but to my knowledge they're currently not present on the Net.</HTML>

RE: Minarelli, out of business?

<HTML>I have a Motron with the same motor. Try the mopedjunkyard.com .......they seem to have alot for this style of motor, pistons, rings, carbs. I have bought from them with no problems. Hope this helps, Bill</HTML>

RE: Minarelli, out of business?

Minarelli has been owned by Yamaha for a while now...

They produce scooter and small dirt bike engines...amongst other industrial stuff

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