my new moped

hey whats up this is mike form thundercats here in odessa tx, yea i know you guys dont here much from me. but neways i just got a new 1957hercules moped not shure of the exact modle yet, i dont have the moped in my possesion right now but im going to go pick it up next weekend.i was just wondering if neone knew some info in the ped. nething about nething would help.theres a pic attached to the post if u wanna check it out.

thanks, mike


Re: my new moped

Pretty cool...maybe us Texans should do a cruise or something sometime....

Re: my new moped

awesome to see such a hot bike going to the t-cats! ride it w/ pride. i think dan used to have a hercules. and i believe it's just a sachs engine ... so there are people here w/ working knowledge ...

Re: my new moped

Nice! Doesn't look like it will need much.Looks like someone's restored it well.That bike will have a lot of bikers drooling.

Re: my new moped

A Texas cruise would be great- where would it start?

or end?

Re: my new moped


This looks just like the one that just sold on Ebay for $861.00. I wanted it, but was a little more than I was willing to pay. The guy did do a good restore job, and I'm sure you'll get alot of enjoyment out of it. As I was researching this moped, I found several links on the web of other owners in the states.

Good luck,


Re: my new moped

El Paso to Texarkana or Texoma to Brownsville.

Seriously..that's a good question. It needs to be Moped friendly, which leaves out the big cities...from my experience it leaves out east Texas as well. If there ever is one, I'll do it. I am going to the fun run in GA at the end of October.


Re:texas cruise

I don't think there is a place in Texas that's really friendly to mopeds, so we need to find a place that isn't violently opposed to them. I'm thinking hill country and austin-possibly an invasion on Fredricksberg(sp?) I like riding in the flat west but a change would be good.

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