Moped Laws In MO

I may have asked about this before, but does anyone have any insight on Moped laws in Missouri? I just moved here for grad school and am in the process of getting back on two wheels and 50ccs. Also, do I need to register my moped or get insurance? Of course, I'll wear a helmet regardless of the legal situation.

Re: Moped Laws In MO

In MO does not register, title or license mopeds. Moped doesn't have to have peddles. Insurance is not required. Helmit is not required. Must have a drivers

license, bike must have headlight, and reflectors same as bicycle. Must be able to stop from 10mph in 20ft on clean and level pavement. I think that covers about all of it.

Re: Moped Laws In MO

Get a Missouri Driver Guide and read chapter 7 or go to:

Re: Moped Laws In MO

Barbara Perkins /

I'm in Missouri also, I live about 1 1/2 hours from St.Louis. Hoping eventually to start a

moped club. Whats your Masters going to be in? Just curious. Barbara P

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