Midgets on Mopeds

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Read this post, then tell me where the Midgets on Mopeds link is.


Re: Midgets on Mopeds

Hey, we have a midget here in town, he rides a step thru moped, has a seat mounted down in the curve.. he can really get around on it, hadn`t seen him since they closed up the Massage Parlors, you would see him taking the "LADIES" to and from work at all hours... he told me he saw a lot of action there.Later...Doug D.

Re: Midgets on Mopeds

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take a picture for me

Re: Midgets on Mopeds

It used to be a website that collected pictures of midgets riding mopeds, with the best picture winning the contest of "best midget on a moped" well, i was the only one who entered, so i won, even though i am not a midget, but i was on a moped. anyway. they eventually took it down, but for the longest time all it was was a freaky picture of me on a sachs in my bedroom.


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