Legal issues and moped clubs

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We have a small group here in Akron, Ohio who have been riding together for most of the summer, and we are working on becoming a moped club and have considered joining the great Moped Army.

There are a number of questions that have arisen, and we (too poor to afford lawyers) have hoped that the legwork had already been done.

Does the moped club have any liability for injuries of riders on an event? If so, does anyone know of an insurance option?

Minors, and what to do with them. There are a large number of under-18 riders in this area and some of them have expressed an interest in riding with us. As of now, our policy is they must have an adult to take responsibility. In reading through the "Members" page I did not see any minors listed and I was curious on how other moped groups handled this.

Since we are considering joining the Moped Army, what obligations would our club have to the parent organization (if any) and what would MA be able to help us with?

I know this is a "loaded" set of questions, and it is not our intent to start a flame war and we appreciate any answers that we are given.

--- Jeremy J Starcher

--- Of the PedalTroopers [name of the week]

Re: Legal issues and moped clubs

email for more detailed membership information. here's what i can tell you off the top of my head ...

we don't have minors as members mainly because we want people who are committed to mopeds. too many minors turn 16-17 and ditch mopeds for cars. we want people who want to ride mopeds more than drive cars.

i don't know anything about legal issues. as far as i know, we don't have any legal paperwork or whatnot ... though i could be mistaken. although we know and follow the moped laws (most of the time), we're not really into all kinds of legal stuff.

if you want to join moped army, you have to have at least three people, send simon an application email. we'll then get to know your members and ask them questions, you ask us questions, and after some time, moped army branches/members will vote to see if you are moped army material.

that's about it so far. but contact simon for more information. or they were two of the founders.

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