brake adjustment

hi, i wondered if anyone could tell me how to adjust the brakes on a puch moped. in the process of ordering a manual for it, but getting antsy. does the screw turn in or out to make the brakes better? thanx

Re: brake adjustment

Hi,Matt! Since no one's told you yet,there's usually 2 places to adjust brakes;at the hand lever you usually find a threaded bolt entering the brake lever housing which the cable housing fits into.By backing this out it puts more tension into the hand grip,tightening the brake adjustment.However,you may look down on the hub and you'll see the same looking adjuster bolt.I usually adjust this one first as it usually changes as the linings wear.Make sure you have about 1/3 " free play at the hub brake arm before the shoes start dragging the drum.Loose wheel bearings will also mess up your brake action.Get that shop manual,man!

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