my first moped, and its a hercules

Kyle Fluck /

my frirst moped is a 1974 hercules m4, if anyone has any information on hercules' or anyone who has a hercules, let me know. i want to learn how to clean and just check out parts in my engine to see if it is running well. thanks.

Re: my first moped, and its a hercules

Wayne Broderick /

Check the link to fred's guide on the 'resources' link from the main page. That's really all you need to get a good jump on it. Anything not in there, ask in here.

I've read posts about the hercules, I think someone here has one.

Re:Fred's Guide

Wayne Broderick /

It's actually in articles, the link is above.

Re:Fred's Guide

the hercules has a sachs engine. that's fairly common. so if you need help, be sure to post that you need help on a sachs. hercules is just the model.

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