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I have a 1994 Jawa 210 Top Tank sport. Iv tested everything and narowed it down to the CDI unit ( black box with 3 connectors and the wire for the spark plug). I have a Normal Ignition coil off of a 50cc leaf blower i took apart a while ago. I know its good. Now my question is can i put this coil on my bike? I dont wanna spend 100 bucks on a new CDI unit. Now, on the bike thee was a yellow, white, and a red wire that went into the CDI. This coil i got off of the leaf blower have a black ( ground) and a white, then the wire for the plug.

Any help on how to wire this thing would be good.

Thanks fellas,

Jawa Man

Re: Question on Jawa CDI

I don't think it will work. cdi has no points in Jawa. i got one for mine at mopedwarehouse.Com Toll free # there around $40 or less ,i dont remember the price exactly .

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