'94 Tomos Sprint questions

I am in the process of acquiring a '94 Tomos Sprint...So before I get it, can anybody give me any ihelp on where to find maintenance info or service/shop manuals for one? Does it need pre-mix or does it have an oil injector? Any well-known maintenance issues or shortcomings?

Re: '94 Tomos Sprint questions

Wayne Broderick /

great machine, you'll need to mix the oil.

They sell a shop manual for like 25 bucks, not too hard to get ahold of.

I've been on the Forum for awhile, and I can't think of any repeating problems people have had....

Pedal or kickstart? The quirk with the kick is that the rubber grommets get mashed up and come off, and the rubber sleeve on the kickstart never stays on

Re: '94 Tomos Sprint questions

Reeperette /

The only real maintainence issue I know of is the difficulty in getting to the carb, or getting it out to clean it...but that "comes with the territory" as it were.


Re: '94 Tomos Sprint questions

It's a pedal start. I looked into that; I wanted a moped, the real thing...Can't wait to ride it, it's on a truck being shipped here as of this morning...And there's only 662 miles on it!

Re: '94 Tomos Sprint questions

You can get a shop manual at www.mopedwarehouse.com .

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