Puch wiring, brake, bearings etc...

I just recently bought a 1978 puch maxi 2 speed that is in decent condition (I think) and I have several questions:

Wiring: I found a wiring diagram for it and it shows 6 wires going from magneto to a strator which then has 9 wires of different colors coming out of it. My 'ped has the 6 wires but no strator. I can probably figure out which wires go where but what is a strator and is it needed?

Brake: The rear brake sucks! it barely stops when it is fully squeezed. What should i do?

Rear wheel bearings: I noticed a few metal shavings when I first bought my moped around the rear tire. I didn't think much of it until I took off my tire and noticed there were NO bearings back there. What type of bearings should I get and where do i get them?

Engine: I have been thinking about tuning up my engine and I was wondering what I should include in that process.



Re: Puch wiring, brake, bearings etc...

No strators in my manual. Are you sure you have the right diagram? The rear wheel bearings are the caged type and must be removed with a punch. Are you sure they are not there? Try adjusting the brakes again.

Wiring diagrams

Check this link


Mopedsonline has some wiring diagrams too. Good luck

Re: Puch wiring, brake, bearings etc...

Dear Webby /

It is called a stator plate. It is what the coils,points,and condensor are attached to.

To fix the rear brake you will need a new brake plate.This is the piece that the brake pads attach to. The reason for the poor braking is that the brake pads are not making an even contact against the brake hub. Look at the brake pad surface and you will seen the uneven wear.

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