Mounting Bicycle Speedo

I've had too many problems with my speedometer cable breaking. So I thought I'd get a new bicycle speedometer.

My question is: Can I mount the magnet on my Mag wheels? If so, how? Do I need to find a different magnet that might glue on or something? I think they come with magnets that attach to spoked wheels.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Mounting Idea

Miniengine /

Hi Tim,

Here's an idea for you. Take a hose clamp that will fit around one of you mag wheel spokes and drill a hole in the clamp for mounting bolt of the magnet. Fasten the magnet to the hose clamp and use lock tite on the bolt. Wrap a piece of rubber around the mag wheel spoke to prevent scratching and you should be in business.


Re: Mounting Bicycle Speedo

You can just epoxy any small magnet from the hardware store to your wheel.

And run the wire up your brake cable for protection if you think it needs it.

Been there done that.

Re: Mounting Bicycle Speedo

Matt Wilson /

You can also get adhesive magnets from most bicycle stores. They are for wheels called spinergy's which are a bladed spoke carbon fiber wheel. I think the magnet costs around $8

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