is the problem the Timing??

just finished putting on a 70cc kit on my puch ( my second one, 1st one was on the old tomos.) my problem is that when i hit the gas from a dead stop, it bogs down, and dosent really go anywhere. once it hits about 10 mph, it takes off like hell, and runs great at top speed. The moped did the same thing with the old 50cc cylinder on it, so Im guessin its the timing, but adjusting it dosent seem to make any difference. I would much like to hear from somone who might be helpful!!

Re: is the problem the Timing??

From your description there is no reason to suspect ignition timing.

It sounds to me more like the carb's idle fuel passage is partly clogged.

Re: is the problem the Timing??

i just realized sumthing. It does take of pretty well when its cold, but it it accelerates REAL slow when it heats up. Guess its not timing. Ill check the carb, but i would like sum more suggestions

Re: is the problem the Timing??

I just pulled my 70cc kit off of my Puch Magnum MKII. The cons were not worth the pros. Mine had a slightly weakened low end, but by the time you hit mid rpms, the power came on strong. It would scream up to 40mph, but that was the limit. The engine was screaming because of the rpms. I drove it all day on Saturday and had a buzzing in my ears all night. That open carb intake facing foward is just too loud. I took it all down and went back to stock. Now my top end is 33, but I can hear myself think. That kit made the bike vibrate too much, also. I don't know what I'm going to do with it...

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