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Hey I have a 1976 Moto Guzzi moped, and I was wonderin

a.) If anyone's interested in trading it for a Puch or Tomos in the Boston area - it's a vintage moped in excellent condition, very rare I have never seen another like it. It's all original and everything works, and it only has 465 miles. It hits speed of 35 mph on level terrain. It's fun. But I'm looking for a bike that's upgradeable, speedwise that is. I can't find parts for this one

b.) If anyone had any ideas on upgrades like removing governors, different carbs (it has the classic Sh-A dellort carb, or whatever the name is) or spacers, etc.

My email is Popeye6587@hotmail.com, if you have a nice Tomos or Puch maxi, or any ideas 4 upgrades on my bike, that'd be great.

If you're serious about business, I could send pictures, but I'm only home on weekends because I go to a boarding school :-(



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I wanted to let you know that I have a Moto Guzzi dealer near me. They're pretty cool. If you want me to check on any parts you need, let me know and I'll try to find them

Can you post a pic of your bike? I've heard a lot of great things about Moto Guzzi, and they aren't imported any more.

The name of the dealer is "Moto Milano" and they're in Windham, Me.

I can call for you, to save the toll charges.


it sounds like the moto guzzi uses a minarelli engine? am i right? or is it something else (probably a morini)? you can definitely get performance parts for that bike. puch's got nothing on minarelli in that department.

let me know, we can tell you how to speed it up. i have a minarelli engine (on a bianchi snark) and it hits 40mph w/ no problems.

if you still want to get rid of that bike, let me know. and post some pics.


Well, I had pretty much given up on finding performance parts for it. But the engine is most likely the same as a Binachi, becasue they are both made in Italy. It's very reliable and runs great, and hit abour 35 but I'd prefer 45 (MPH). I will try and get some pictures up but if you've got any ideas for where I can get parts that'd be great.


Do you have any close-up pictures of your engine Miguel? Mine has the card (A Dellorto) on top out to the front a little, with the intake on top and the exhaust on the bottom. The spark plug is in the front, but enters the engine from an angle, as opposed to being situated in the front of the heatsink. I'll have to check the engine for a serial number or something.


the engine should have a logo or something on it. there were quite a few italian engines made, though minarelli and morini were the most common. if there is a stamp that says "franco morini motori" on it, then you have a morini engine. if you have a stamp that says "motori minarelli" or the logo of a half star, then you have a minarelli engine.

but ignore the engine for now ... most of the simpler performance upgrades come from other parts.

first, check your carburetor. you probably have a dellorto 14.12. see if you can get a 15.15. that's what i have. then, check the size of the jet. you can get some more speed by changing jet sizes. also, you can modify the carb airbox. you can also get more speed w/ a bigger intake manifold (you'll need to know the type of engine for that to order the right one). finally, you can get a performance exhaust (like a polini or a leo vinci). after that, you can get a larger front sprocket (11- or 12-tooth). this last modification will gain you some top speed at the cost of losing acceleration.

after that, you can try going into 60cc or 70cc kits ... but i'd rather not, so i haven't. but it's up to you.

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