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i was wondering if anyone had any advice on restoring mopeds. i'm torn between stripping my 1979 safari down to the frame, sanding, and painting it (black and blue, or maybe a really obnoxious yellow...). i'd also have to paint the handlebars and rims since i don't want to spend or have the money to get them chromed. the other things is that i'd probably be brushing the paint on since i have some cans of, guess what, blue and black rustoleum.

i don't think brushing the paint will look bad. it looked rather good on my gokart, but i did a kind of camoflouge paint job. it'll just be a very matte finish.

it doesn't look bad the way it is. the paint's a little faded and the logos and stripes are peeling. i might just remove the rust and paint the rims and handle bars. then have fun riding it.

i know it's ultimately a personal decision, i just wanted some ideas from other people's experiences.

any mod general suggestions?

any mopeders in or near lancaster/chester counties, pennsylvania?

btw: i included a picture. it has a minarelli engine too. and i won't be riding it around town. just on trails and in the neighborhood. i'd be too afeared to ride such a vehicle alone in this area :(

is there an easy way to link to pictures you already uploaded? i posted this pic in another thread and it wouldn't let me upload without renaming.



This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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