I reduce my sproket !

I have a PEUGEOT 103V 1980.

I change the rear sproket of my moped, it was a 56 tooth, and i change for 40 t.

I win 7km/h. I remove 3 link on my chain.

I have a small problem, now something knocking around the crank gear ? It look is the chain but i'm not sure ? It's only when i give gas is knock !???

Thank's !

Re: I reduce my sproket !

Scoot your back wheel all the way back.

Re: I reduce my sproket !

Alain,are you sure the sprocket is exactly right for that bike?Some sprockets are thicker than others,e.g. Sachs,and the chain will ride too high on the teeth,causing a lot of problems.Make sure your sprockets match up and adjust your chain with the bike off the stand and fully loaded with normal weight that you'd go down the road laden with.Should have about 3/4" total slack at the center of chain if you have it adjusted correctly on most bikes.My wife and 10 yr.old together weigh what I do so I have them sit on the bike while I check the chain adjustment.

Re: I reduce my sproket !

Yes, the chain is ok on the sproket i put (40t). But the knocking come from the front !?

It is possible is the small sproket (front) is finish ?

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