Another Tomos Question!

Sorry to be a pain with this but im tearing the bike down to lubricate all the bearings and clean it thouroly, and i couldnt get the oil injection line out from the frame, i got the metal part that hooks up to the tank in the frame but cant get it out so i cut it. my question is now can i just mix the gas myself in the gas tank with oil? (50:1 ratio right?) and if not what can i do about this? well thanks in advance!

P.S its a 98 Tomos targa lx

Re: Another Tomos Question!

Reeperette /

Yes you can premix at 50:1 (2.6oz per gallon), or the more preferred 43:1 (3oz per gallon) and it should run fine.

I favor the injector myself, being that I ride long enough to run mine out of gas...but it's ok either way.


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