QT50 acceleration? What acceleration?

I had top speed problems with the QT where it would get bursts of speed suddenly then loose them, and a low top speed. I fitted a QT sports exhaust although now it accelerates real slow and only starts at about 11-15MPH getting fast, it can achieve near enough 30 on a flat though. What do you think my problem is?

Re: QT50 acceleration? What acceleration?

I'd guess dirty carburetor or sticky choke or restricted intake of air but make sure you replace the spark plug and your points(if you have points and not CDI) are properly filed and gapped.I was working on my 2- speed Franco-Morini today and it would not run well when choke released, and I checked the spark plug and somebody had installed a totally WRONG plug.I am just now trying to get this Cosmo Colt 2 going and I've found it doesn't have proper gas filters either.

Re: QT50 acceleration? What acceleration?

Where did you find a sports exhaust?

Re: QT50 acceleration? What acceleration?

I ordered the sports exhaust from some British magazine catalogue type thing

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