I need advice on buying a moped!

I'm 16 and I need a moped for general transportation. I don't know exactly what I should get and I need advice!

I want something that will be reliable, and be able to do about 80 km/h or

50 mi/h

any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Re: I need advice on buying a moped!

Wayne Broderick /

You want a moped that'll do 50 mph?? hehe good luck.

if you want that kind of speed, get a 125cc scooter and lie to the registration people, and claim it's a 50cc.

You can get a moped and modify it, but you'll be working on it a lot more, and you'll have to do a lot of tweaking to hit 50, if you ever can.

Re: I need advice on buying a moped!

Dear Webby /

If you want a moped to go 50mph you will need to buy a hop up kit. Kits are only available for Puch and Tomos.

Visit Sportsbay,com for details

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