Pricing on a mo-ped


Well, my dad has waitied until my 16th birthday to tell me that i have to sell my moped. I am so mad. I put so much of my time and money into it, all for nothing.

What i want is to get a ruff idea on what I can get for my mo-ped. Its a 1989 Trac Olympic Blitz. Looks GREAT, runs GREAT, not one problem at all with it. Paint, seat, chromb, everything is perfect.Only 474.3 miles on her. I got it from a yard sale. A old man bought it and died. It sat in his garage all its life until i came along and bought it for 150 smackers. Manual and everything with it. Any input would be great

Thanks alot.

Tram Man,

What a bithday huh? Have to sell my most prized thing.

Re: Pricing on a mo-ped

I would think you could probably get around 400-500 for it.

Re: Pricing on a mo-ped

Wayne Broderick /

Keep it. He might be able to stop you from riding it, but unless he's going to actually force you to sell it, I'd hold on to it.

Wait till you're 17 or 18, not too long, and you'll have an awesome ped.

Re: Pricing on a mo-ped

>What a bithday huh? Have to sell my most prized thing.

yeah, that's crap. is there a good or otherwise reason for it?

Re: Pricing on a mo-ped

Hey,Trac Man! Why is your Dad makling you sell it? Can't you make amends with him?Try to talk him into letting you keep it.Tell him it's worth 900.00 to you but you'll only get 500.00 or so out of it.Use `stragedy' man!

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