moped isnt shifting right

<HTML>i have a 1999 tomos moped, when i am riding it, it sounds like it is reving too high before it finally shifts into second gear. Is there anything i could do to get it to shift sooner?


RE: moped isnt shifting right


This is a common problem with newer Tomos'. My 95 did the same thing. To fix this do the following:

1 ) Drain the oil from the gearbox.

2 ) Remove the right side cover.

3 ) Remove the nut that holds the clutches and clutch drum on the crank shaft being careful too remember how it all comes apart.

4 ) The clutch to be modified is the innermost one, the second one you come to.

5 ) Take a small triangular file and cut two diagonal grooves evenly spaced in the clutch material about half way into the material. Note: Don't do this to the low speed clutch.

6 ) Reassemble in reverse order of disassembly. Don't forget the oil!

let me know how you make out.


RE: moped isnt shifting right

<HTML>my 1986 honda spree doesnt accelerate correctly. It takes off slowely and takes about 5 to 10 seconds to finally gain some speed. i have allready replaced the clutch pads but it didnt help any. the acceleration is very slow and i dont know what to do.</HTML>

slow acceleration

<HTML>i have a 1986 honda spree and the acceleration is very weak. It takes me 5 to 10 seconds to finally gain speed. i have allready replaced the clutch pads and that didnt help any. What can i do?</HTML>

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