my motron wont spark!!! HELP


I am really frustrated,,

I own a 79 motorn medalist,, with a milarelli 50 cc engine. It ran GREAT up to a few weeks ago, and now i'm really bumming!

I have only had it a month or so,, and decided to replace the horn (that never worked). Without realizing it,, i replaced it with a 12v horn, and after starting it with the new horn,, my ped ran for a few minutes,, then quit, and hasn't started since.

No spark at the plug !

I have done the following with no improvement:

replaced the condensor

cleaned and adjusted the points

visually checked all the wiring, no shorts noticed

had the external coil tested,, seems to be ok

i have noticed that while turning it over,, with the light switch on,, all the lights work,, EXCEPT THE BRAKE LIGHT,,but no spark at the plug.

I am no mechanic,, but there seems to be 2 internal coils,, is one for ingition,,,and one for lighting?

Any ideas?

Re: my motron wont spark!!! HELP

Jamie Leonard /

Well I'm by no means the guru... but for many mopeds the brake light is effectively in the same circuit as the ignition (meaning if the brake light is out, the moped will not start)

Have you checked the brake light bulb and wiring?

Re: my motron wont spark!!! HELP

checking now,,,,,will get back to you,,,

any good tips on where i can get a manual and / or schematic?

Re: my motron wont spark!!! HELP

Jamie Leonard /

Keeping an eye on ebay is always a good idea (since manuals do crop up regularly for a variety of mopeds) but aside from that, some of the online retailers mentioned in the forums (like, or personally I use but they are a bit pricey in terms of ordering from the states :)

Decent enough pricing for me though and I like the service.

Re: my motron wont spark!!! HELP

I have finished a complete test of the wiring harness, and all it a-ok.

All lights work, inlcluding the all imporntant brake light!

I verified all switches are operating as expected (on/off, brake light and light/horn)

STILL no spark!

Trying to get a buddys coil to try on my ped to see if that works,,,

other than that,,, what else is left?


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