I`ve got a ped with Jawa engine.It`s soviet-made but looks cool and has only 200 km`s on its speedometer.Everything looks new, the carb is clean, the compression and the spark are there.The thing is it wont start.Yes I`ve tryed dropping some gas into the cylinder and pedalling like hell but stil nothing...And the spark is pretty good...Unfortunately it has automatic transmission so the only way to start it is by kickstart..

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Heeeeeeeelp!

hmmm. i've read before that sparks can look good on the outside, but not spark under the conditions in the head. it's pretty rough in there. so, try a new plug if you haven't already.

something should happen when there's spark, compression, and fuel in the chamber...

Re: Heeeeeeeelp!

If it's like the same problem I had with my Batavus, then I feel for you. My clutch is stripped and would spin around the crankshaft when I peddled, but it would turn over fine when I pulled the plug and showed a great looking spark. Put the plug back in and nothing would happen. I would suggest you check your clutch to make certain that the engine is acctually turning over when you peddle.

Hope this helps.


Re: Heeeeeeeelp!

It is turning!

Once I tried to use a longer car sparkplug and it was so long that it blocked the pistons path.Maybe u hat the same problem?

(propably not...)

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