cheap speed for tomos

<HTML>what is the cheapest way to increase speed on a 1999 tomos targa LX moped, and, if known, what would the speed/horsepower increase be?</HTML>

RE: cheap speed for tomos

<HTML>A bi-turbo muffler would be the best way. It will boost your speed on the LX approx 7-10mphs. Costs about $110 american dollars, I think.

Since the speed will be pushed past the 30mph mark, it can legally no longer be classified as a moped. You will then have to register it as a motorcycle. Although I doubt most cops know/care if you're slightly over the speed limit on a moped.

By the way, can you tell us a little bit about your Tomos LX? I'm interested in getting the same bike in a couple of months (after i've saved enough). How does it handle, how fast is its pickup and what kind of noise does the engine make when its running? Finally, how is the seating.. comfortable or...?

Please let me know thanks.


RE: cheap speed for tomos

<HTML>Hello Group!

I have a Targa, not the LX, and have added the Biturbo Exhaust. I am really surprised at the increase in speed and Horsepower, but am a little leary on the specs of how this comes about. The Targa went 30 mph with the stock exhaust for a good 2000 miles then dropped to about 28 per on me. The Biturbo didn't really fit right, I had to wire it to the hanger, but seems to be holding so far...

It was nice and quiet with the stock, but this Biturbo has made it a loud bike now, and sounds something like a Dirt Bike while revving down. I am now looking for a set of usable tires for this sucker, those Viper tires are just a shell of rubber without any real protection from trash in the road. I can just see the problem with a bump or hole somewhere waiting for me.</HTML>

RE: cheap speed for tomos

Darkflame /

<HTML>Yeah and while flying down the road at 40+ mph with those tiny tires and virtually non existant shocks heheh if you hit a pot hole, you can kiss your rear end goodbye....i've lost a cd player after it was "Launched" from my back basket after hitting a pot hole here in hawaii....Hahah and I was only going 25mph...The max speed of my piece of ^@!% yamaha moped..Not to mention a sore butt all day 40+ with 180lbs weight on the moped, my biggest concern would be the front spokes giving out after hitting a pot hole, or how far my guts would smear across the pavement after my tires blew out. hahahah</HTML>

RE: cheap speed for tomos

jim graff /

<HTML>i had this same problem with my bi-turboi have actualy had two so far heres my stroy:i got a bi-turbo the 2 piece one (pipe and chamber) i put it on it was loud as hell as loud as it is with out a muffler i called the place where i got it from and they said they had sold me the wrong type of bi-turbo the they have gave me was the one for the big bore 70cc kit this is probably what u have i exchanged it for the one piece pipe and it is just as loud as the stock muffler but a lot faster glad to help need any more info mail me i servce mine and everything</HTML>

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