motomarina sebring is the best

i have an 87 motomarina sebring with a Sha 14/14 carb instead of 14/12 a custom header pipe and a biturbo muffler, new chain, all lights working, and a 60cc kit on order. Franco morini engine. this thing has a huge gas tank too about 3 gallons. right now it does about 40mph flat and has sport shocks and one replaced front fork tube, a new cylinder and rings, and i got a whole bunch of little parts as well. This is the best moped i have ever ridden it has a huge comfy seat and looks like a motorcycle. i spent $50 to get it from a friend and it sucked maxing out at 25 mph down hill. i spent about $1,200 for all the parts and labor on this thing over the summer. i work at a moped shop and i ride all the mopeds and scooters there are out there. If any of you have a sebring out there you should keep it and fix it

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Awsome, post a picture of it?


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Ivan! I agree! They are well built with a super-comfortable seat.I own three of them.Two with Minarellis and one with Franco-Morini.The Minarelli is the best engine as far as single speed engines go.But I am looking at installing an MO2 (2-speed Franco-Morini)on one of them.Is yours a 2-speed or single speed.I like the toughness of these bikes.I just finished 2 trips 125 mi.each and yesterday I took a late afternoon trip of 100 mi..I also like the top-tank look,the simple Dellorto carbs,and the dependable lighting systems.I really like the nearly 3 gallons capacity too! ENJOY!

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I have the one speed and i want a 2 speed do you know where the heck i can get one? i took a 50 mile trip last night and it was such a beuatyful night out and it was awsome. If you want to get some performence stuff for your mopeds there is this site that has all kinds of stuff. i am getting a 60cc kit for my sebring and a 65cc kit with reed valve on my 2 speed free spirit. I like the franco morini motor because it never dies always idles and runs great.

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No,Ivan,I don't know where to get one and I'm looking for another one myself.I worked on mine today,and it shifts fine but I've still got to tune it up and put a good in-line filter on it.You can really tell the difference with the 2-speed on take-off and hill climbing.I sure wish Minarelli had made one.Minarelli is an even better engine I think.Keep in touch!

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