plug gap?

<HTML>What is the propper plug gap for a minarelli motor?

It has the SHA 14 12 Dellorto carb and the plug is

NGK B5HS. The gap was about .025 but I increased it to .034 and it ran well untill it quit (half hour later). It has alot more power wtih the air cleaner off but I would not drive it without. Any suggestiongs for a source for the "sock" style air cleaner? I currently have the original minarelli plastic cleaner with the metal "double screen" insert.

Thanks again!</HTML>

RE: plug gap?

<HTML>The gap should be between .022 and .025. As for the carburetor the air clean is nothing more than a noice restricter to lower horse power and make it street legal in the U.S. Be careful when you ride without it though because the engine has more horsepower than the transmission was made to handle, so don't let it over rev, but it shouldn't hurt anything. </HTML>

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