old dudelooking for a moped or scooter

David Jones /

need opinions. want reliable new or used moped. considering 2000 Tomos Targa LX 26" and E-Ton Beamer. Seek advice and any other suggestions. Never had a moped before. Live in boonies New Era, Michigan.

Re: old dudelooking for a moped or scooter

J. Sailor /


Re: old dudelooking for a moped or scooter

Wayne Broderick /

I'm replacing a moped that was destroyed

I plan to get the Tomos Revival with a Bi-turbo exhaust. I had a targa, and was really happy with it.

If you don't want to do any repairs and don't mind paying more, get youself a Kymko scooter. I've heard and seen that they are quality.

People usually buy a moped, because they want, specifically, a 'moped'.

It's the design, and styling and tire size that make the moped stand out. You might have to repair them occasionally, but it's easy because the design is a nice, basic engine that you can see with your eyes.

Scooters have newer engine designs and from an owners perspective, a little less work (no mixing of oil for example)

I bought a new tomos, had it for about 2500 miles before it was smashed. I had to fix 2 flats, tighten up the oil pump cover, tighten the main bolt on the handlebar/forks, fix a snapped throttle cable, tighten a screw on the oil tank, fix a snapped brake cable (both cables were my fault, I overadjusted them),

Not bad, really, cause I fixed all the 'problems' all myself... Hope this helps.

Re: old dudelooking (Photo)

Wayne Broderick /

Here's a photo of the Scooter Dave Mentioned


Re: old dudelooking (Photo)

David Jones /

Wayne Broderick and J. Sailor thanks for the response. I like the moped style better than the scooters. I will look at the Tomos Revival also. Have done minor work on cars for many years. Live about 8 miles from nearest towns and want something more economical than my Toyota 4-runner to make good weather trips. What is top speed on the Tomos and can it be improved without engine damage?

I am 61 years old and retired so I have time to learn to make repairs.

New Era, Michigan is 35 miles north of Muskegon or about 60 miles from Grand Rapids. If you live in Michigan are you aware of where the Tomos dealers are located. Found Heeters Performance Center in Indiana. Thanks again !

Re: old dudelooking (Photo)

Wayne Broderick /

I live in maine, and had my Tomos mailed up from florida.

You add the "Bi-turbo" exhaust, and you might see 35-40 mph on a new bike, w/no engine damage... lots of other upgrades available, such as a 70cc piston kit

The mopeds are easy to ship, so always consider having it mailed to you.

Re: old dudelooking for a moped or scooter

mike hartel /

hey theres a deler in lansing river side cycle there a bike shop and kymco tomos deler

Re: old dudelooking

Hello Dave. Its really hard to say what kind of ride you should get. I have a moped, and I love it to death (now that it runs). I also ride a '80 Honda Passport, which is a much more smooth, comfortable ride. The passport is 70 cc, and has 3 gears, blinkers, and room for 2 (dont get me wrong, you can ride 2 people on a moped, but it takes a LOOOONG time to pick up speed).

I am also restoring a 79 Vespa p200e. If is surprisingly easy to work on, and parts are easy to come by. (The older your scooter/moped is, the harder it will be to find parts). Since you are retired and mechanicly inclined, I would encourage you to get a Vespa or Lambretta and fix it up after you get a moped. Mopeds are a great first rung on the ladder, but they are just that - the bottom rung, and if you are like me, after awhile you are going to want more power and style.

But it is up to you! I guarantee that whatever you are looking for, there is a moped or scooter perfectly suited for your needs.

Re: old dudelooking

Dave Jones /

Thanks to all your advice has been very helpful. I now plan to checkout the new Tomos Revival and possibly an older Honda C70 Passport.

Dave Jones

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