Peugeot 103

Help, I am trying to reserect a Peugeot 103, I am in desperate need of a service manual or some information on how it goes back together.

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Mopedwarehouse has them.

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Dear Tom, I own a Peugeot 103 (1977) and I would be glad to answer any questions I can to help you and your great machine. I Love Peugeot! The moped warehouse has two different manuals for Peugeot one for a 102 and the other for the rest. The manuals deal strictly with the engine and clutch and with little else but uhh oh well. Viva La Peugeot!



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Mike; I have a 103 and am having a bitch of a time setting thr timing. I removed the fly wheel and didn't mark it reassembly. The manual I have referres to two timing marks on the stator housing but I can't locate thgem. Could you give me some direction?

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Garry,don't worry about the timing marks if it's not got a woodruff key on the shaft.Just rotate the flywheel to EXACT TDC ,scribe it on the flywheel,and measure the piston travel BTDC or degrees on the flywheel and scribe the BTDC firing position.Then hook up your timing light and set it.It's just a little meticulous,but it's really accurate if your flywheel doesn't slip in the future.

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Ron Brown /


Do you have a Peugeot and know that the flywheel center is not the points cam? Even if it isn't, the flywheel magnets have to be timed with the ignition energizer coil at tdc or you will not get a good spark.


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The peugeot is a different set up than other model mopeds. The stator is stationary. The flywheel is not keyed to the crankshaft and the cam is mounted to the center of the flyheel To set the timing properly you will have to have to remove the flywheel , then bring the piston to top dead center, then rotate the engine back to 1.5 mm before top ead center (go past the 1.5 mark and bring it up to it) . Now while carefully holding the clutch drum to keep the engine from moving out of this position you will have toinstall the flywheel and align the timing mark on the flywheel and the mark on the egine. (2 types of marks have been used one is a v notch in the crank case the other is a small tit on the rubber grommet that the wires pass through. ) now tap the flywheel on with a scocket and hammer. now tighten the flywheel nut and make sure that nothing slipped out of possition. now hook an ohm meter up to the points wire and adjust the point gap until they just break continuity when the marks are lined up. Install plug and go riding.


Removing Peugeot 103 flywheel

Chris Robertson /


Does anyone know any tricks to get a 1978 Peugeot 103 flywheel off without the special tool? I'm tempted to use a gear puller, but I worry that I'll warp the flywheel.



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