Older mopeds??

danny diamond /

<HTML>Do mopeds that are as old as 1980 or around then run well if they were kept in good shape? Is it worth buying a used moped thats 20 years old?</HTML>

RE: Older mopeds??

Ryan Price /

<HTML>It all depends on the price, and what you are willing to do with it. My uncle bought a 1978 Puch moped for 50 bucks at a farmers auction a year ago in Chicago. It had been sitting for almost 10 years, and all I had to do was put gas in it. It had been kept dry and safe. She ran great, and is still running fine today.

Now I also passed up the offer of a hundred dollars for a 1979 Indian moped, because it was too far gone.

I also own two Solex Mopeds that are from the 70's that my friends drive.

You run into problems with ANY vehicle from the 70's - such as do they still make parts? Is it rotting? Does it run? But then again, they are much cheaper than running out and buying a NEW moped.

Now new is nice. You get all types of things on a new moped. Electric start on some, oil injection, turn signals etc - but again you pay more. Hope it helps


RE: Older mopeds??

<HTML>Older is better,Than I can work more on them.The more work required,uaually the lower the asking price and most parts are usually available.I have a 1978 BATAVAS and a1980 SACHS,BATAVAS was a $20.00 basket case and SACHS just needed a rear brake adjustment as clutch dragged at idle was$300.00.Fixing them up ,to me,is half the fun of mopeds anyway,Get to me a lot of people and spend some money. TOM K</HTML>

RE: Older mopeds??

<HTML>Older mopeds are great and easy to work on. I own three of them and the all run wonderfully. I would say go for it, they are generaly cheaper to. </HTML>

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