does anyone know of a tachometer that can work on mopeds??? does anyone have one that i can buy?

Re: tachometer?

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It's $130, though. Fits right into the gauge cluster (if you can call it a cluster) on a newer tomos.

tiny tach

I don't see a need for a tach on a moped... but if you search for go-kart racing.. they make a tach for them called a "tiny-tach".

I think its a lot less than $130

Re: tachometer?

Unless you have an automatic transmission or a lot of gears to shift through you do not need a tach. If you have a one speed, there is a straight forward calculation to come up with the rpm versus road speed. On a Puch Maxi, the RPM is 5000 at 20.4 mph.

Northern Tool Tach

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Northern Tool & Equipment Co. sells a digital tach that works for a 2-cycle that only costs $36.99. I've never used one so I can't comment on their quality or quickness of responce. The catalog discription is slightly different from their web site discription. Be careful when ordering because they sell two different units; one for a 4-cycle that fires on every other revolution and one that works for a 2-cycle or 4-cycle that fires on every revolution.

Catalog discription: Crystal quartz accuracy and solid state electronics. Works as a tachometer when engine is running; displays total operating hours when engine is off. Easy-to-read LCD. Operates at 14F to 140F. Shielded 60.5" cable wraps around spark plug wire for pickup. Calibrated for 2-cycle engines that fire on every revolution. Also for use with 4-cycle that fires on every revolution.

The web site address is: http://www.northerntool.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=524744&prmenbr=6970

These tachs/hour meters seem more geared for logging run time hours for servicing so the tach feature may be less then desired. You may want to find a motorcycle junk yard and buy a tach from a 2-cycle motorcycle. Whichever way you go I hope this helps.


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