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Ok to start off, I need a right shock for my Tomos Targa 96'. I blew it. I had a minor skirmish with the road the other night. It was rainy and I couldn't see very well and ya know... So I blew the right shock all out, It's not even salvagable. I've got Pvc and a metal tube as a temporary replacement. Ok and another thing, My turn signals aren't working. I mean is a bulb burnt out or did I blow a fuse when I hit pavement? What? I turn on the switch for the turn signals and i get nothing. My headlight still works well though. Ok and last of all, I broke off my choke lever and the little ass nut that holds that lever on. Where might I acquire a new one? So again that's need someplace to get shock and wanting to know how much it will cost, turn signals not working, and i need a new choke lever and small nut. Thanks for all the time spent reading this lol. Later guys.

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Jamie Leonard /

Are all your turn signals out or just the one? If all of them are out likely it's the flasher unit which is gone (A flasher unit is a small domeish shaped (usually on a tomos metal) thing which contains a bimetallic strip that regulates flashes for the turn signals. The one that comes stock on the tomos has a soft metal cover which is VERY easily dented by a flying piece of gravel or such (or slipping out of the circular rubber piece that holds it) and this messes up the unit - so you get no flash. Automotive flashers ended up working in my case as a replacement (just make sure the connectors are all hooked up the same way)

However if ONE flasher is out, it's likely either the bulb is gone or going down yanked the connectors loose. You can check the bulb by simply in a pinch swapping the bulb with one of the other flashers (if it works, its the connectors.. if not, its the bulb) The connectors have an interior plug and an exterior plug (on mine at least) so take the plug ends right out and make sure its all snug and together when you put it back - to make sure the connection is made.

Not sure offhand where to buy the shock (I would think you would likely need to replace both at the same time to ensure an even amount of travel for both, but could be wrong about this) and the choke lever... but there are several messages in here listing retailers with 800 numbers in the US and web sites I believe ( I recall hearing) and these parts should be really easy to obtain - since they're pretty much the same thing on the newer tomos bikes as well so far as I know. Try putting an ad in the buy and sell forum on here as well (and checking the existing ads) as someone may have a parts bike they can get you some replacements from cheap.


Re: Parts and questions.

Hey anyone got a tomos they just recetnly wrecked, I need that choke lever and little bitty nut. I'll pay 5 bucks for it by mail lol. Fixed my turn signals. So now it's new shock and choke lever.

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