sound barrier

my 1982 nc50 express regularly reaches 38 mph (downhill, full throttle and a decent tail wind) but still resists starting without great difficulty on chilly mornings, any suggestions?

Re: sound barrier

the choke doesn't help it get started when cold?

Re: sound barrier

SteelToad /

This may sound crazy, but... try removing the gascap, replacing the gascap, and

then starting it. I had an old car that would NOT start on cold mornings unless I

did that. I got the suggestion from an old timer who I thought was nuts till it worked

My fuel system was messed up to start with, when It got really cold, the tank

would create a vacum and suck the gas back up the line.

Re: sound barrier

thanks toad, i'll try it tomorrow

Re: sound barrier

Wayne Broderick /

My 1978 honda express did this too. On mine, there was a switch on the gas cap, to make a vacuume, if you forgot to turn that switch, the suction would build and the moped would die.... untill you opened the switch or took off the cap

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