IRC Chat Revisited.

Reeperette /

There's been much discussion and interest in an IRC Moped channel.

I been workin on a project that involves IRC as of late, and at this time am partial owner, and the admin, of a small IRC net.

Anyone wishing to hop on, register a channel and discuss mopeds is quite welcome, and may well find me popping into the discussion.

Anyone wishing to bash can just kiss it goodbye, cause I am an Admin, and WILL come for you, with an AKILL or KLINE.

So if yer interested in a "moped-friendly" IRC chat, get a pencil.

For more detailed info visit

Hope to see you there, fellow ped-pushers.


Re: IRC Chat Revisited.

YO ree!!!

where are you man, i emailed u about the tranny and u havent answered me. where are you man? and do you still want the tranny?.. answer me soon.


Re: IRC Chat Revisited.

Reeperette /

My Emails been screwed up for weeks, I was hopin you'd come round here so I could tell ya.

Someone coughed up a whole engine to me for $ it's a no go, but I'm sure there's others here happy to buy that trans off you.

I've also been up to my neck in work, of a type, and so have been out of town for days on end lately.


Re: IRC Chat Revisited.

I am there now ... :)

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