Locking Kill Switch

Hello! I was wondering if anybody has ever heard of a locking kill switch? I've heard rumors, but never seen one. It was described to me as having the key as the actual switch, which could then be locked in either the on or off position. Not much for protection, but someone who didn't know squat about mopeds might be deterred from stealing it if it looked like it needed a key.

On another note, do they make locking gas caps for mopeds? I have a '79 Vespa ciao, & the gas cap simply screws on. The only locking caps I could find are the kind that push in & twist.

If anybody has any information or ideas, please let me know!


Re: Locking Kill Switch

MopedGuru /

Key type ignition cut offs are very common. You install one side to ground and the other to the primary side of your iginion coil. A bonus to this type is if someone does try to steal it they will usually try to connect the wires thinking it will allow for spart but it in fact does the opposite. Mopedwarehouse has the locking gas caps for your push in type vespa coming in next month.

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