air zound rechargeable horn

hi, i asked about my puch maxi horn being so low, and found out thats normal. thanks everyone!! i got some information on the air zound by delta, and just wanted to let everyone know its definetly worth it so far. very easy to install, and very loud. i just wanted to let you great bunch of people the news. incase anyone needs a louder horn on their ped. i will keep you updated.............. thanks again.

Re: air zound rechargeable horn

Wayne Broderick /

I put dual air-horns on my moped. Real automotive air-horns w/compressor.

I'm louder than an ambulance, right up there with 'mack truck'

I had my cousin hit the horn button, but didn't tell him what to expect, he got a lot more than a 'beep' almost jumped out of his skin.

Re: air zound rechargeable horn

Right,Wayne,but we're not all ~Gadget Man~ like you and we may have to settle for a 24.95 + shipping `second best'.Don't rub it in Wayne.Stereo,air horns and I forget what else! I think you should open a `Moped Custom shop' up in Maine or move down here to Ohio.Get Well Soon!

air zound rechargeable horn (photo)

Wayne Broderick /

Oh, c'mon, it's not too tough, if you can install a doorbell on your porch you can add an air horn to your moped....

Heck, I'd even build you one for free if you bought the parts.

Auto air Horn w/compressor: $19.95

Small 12v gel cell battery: $15:00 or $20.00

Button: $3.95

inline fuse: $3.00

Primary Wire (red+black) 4.00

And as far as the stereo, that's even easier.... check the attached photo. (Thx to Brandon for the Link)


Re: air zound rechargeable horn

lol,lol you guys are unreal. keep up the great info and laughs. by the way $ 24.95 to your door very easy to install and 115 decibles. real nice!!

Chrome Horn

Wayne Broderick /

There's a couple of different kinds of chrome horns, designed specifically for motorcycles.


My air horn

Wayne Broderick /

Here's the kit I use, costs 20 bucks, plus you need to do some mounting and wiring.


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