good locks?

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Now that I found out I dont have a handlebar lock for my Kinetic, can anybody recommend a good brand of lock or even where to get one? stores or cycle shops?


Re: good locks?

kryptonite ... kryptonite ... kryptonite

even if you do have a handlebar lock, they are very very very easily broken and don't trust them. always always always use a solid ulock.

Re: good locks?

hey miguel, was not sure if you guys were talking about a moped or scooter. does the u-lock work for peds? (puch maxi) thanks. is there a name brand you recommend? or is u-lock the name.

Re: good locks?

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U lock is a style of lock. There are several brands out ther but Kryptonite is the best. They are available at any bike shop and many motorcycle or hardware stores. When locking it up it is best to lock the rear wheel and frame to an immovable object so that it can not be pedaled at all to prevent people from just starting it up and leaving it there running.

Re: good locks?

a u-lock works great on mopeds. i usually lock mine up to itself (through back shocks and rear wheel) even when putting it away in my shed. it's also a good way to lock if you're running into a corner store or something very quickly and don't have a place to lock to. you can also use u-locks to lock several bikes together (which is the best method).

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