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a week or so ago i posted a notice to find the whereabouts of Bill Babbit. I recieved a few e-mails sharing condolences and opinions on the matter. the impression my message had made was maybe one of open accusation against Bill. not true, i don't know if bill was the one who stripped my bike, all i know is that i left it in his care for a year yes, but during that time I had a lot of verbal contact and assurance from him. i knew that he had a lot of mopeds to work on so the time didn't bother me, i also offered to pay him or just take the bike off his hands, but he insisted that as a friend he would be more than glad to do it. my dad impatient to have the bike done called bill to tell bill that he would just pick it up but bill emphatically insisted that he wanted to do it. when after the previously stated time span i decided that to get anything done with it i would have to do it myself. of course after picking it up i found it mostly stripped.

now ive only stated the facts here and given my initial impression of what "seems" to have happened. there is still room for a lot of questions though and those could be easily answered if bill could be found.

Another funny thing is, IF some other party were the perpetraters of the stripping, since it was under bills care at the time it seems funny that he would just dissapear without a trace leaving no information for me about the whereabouts of the parts seeing as he understood how important the bike was to me and my dad(we had restored it together as a father\daughter project).

these are the facts as i know them and i am not trying to groundlessly accuse anyone of wrongdoing

another thing worthy of note is that another girl affiliated with the moped army, Sara (Dan Webber's former girlfriend) also needed help fixing her moped, and as in my case Bill had offered his services free of charge, upon the return of her moped she also noticed missing parts as well as some other defects that were not previously there.

Re: recovery of parts II

You are not going to get the parts back Dana.

He probably knew the parts were gone (whether he took them or not)... and was probably hoping to find another 'junk' ped and take parts off it to replace the ones that were missing from yours... but he never found one.

So you got screwed.

If you could find him.

And if you are mad enough about it... you could demand the approximate amount of cash to buy the parts used.

Or sell the ped to him for its value before parts were taken.

But you (and others) now know not to leave anything in his (or his friends) care.

Or let anybody hold something of yours without working on it.

Just take it back the minute you think something is fishy.

Good luck.

Re: recovery of parts II

keep in mind that a lot of problems like this are simply due to carelessness or not paying close attetion, not being evil or scheming per se. i'm sure bill had good intentions, but he got busy ... time went by ... and things go downhill from there.

i try to always make sure that i watch the work or am involved on any work on my ped (even if only to learn something). and always try to gather your tools and spare parts after working at someone else's place. i lost a few parts/tools.

i hope you get your ped up and runing again dana. let the rest of the decepticons know if there's anything we can do to help.

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