power fluctuation

ok--i removed the air filter from the batavus regency and it doesnt hesitate as much--or at all when it is warmed up--it accelerates faster from a stop too without it, though it still runs ok with it on----but...it rides great for about 20-30min(7or8 miles), then starts to lose power when i am at a high throttle, and jerks as the motor seems to cut of and on--after i slow down, it will accelerate again but then has the same problem when i speed up again--it does this to same degree with air filter off--at one point started making a whistling or quiet squealing sound but went away quickly. rode high throttle for as long as I could and did a plug chop--it was a light tan--some parts very light--some parts darker. tips? ideas? suggestions? thanks for everyones help so far.

Re: power fluctuation

Have you both.. cleaned the carb.. and cleaned and set the points.. like it says in my article ?

Doing those 2 things solve 90% of most problems.

Its under 'resources' then 'articles' then "How to fix your Moped"

Re: power fluctuation

Ron Brown /


I'm with Fred. You could also try applying a little choke when it starts to cut out to see if you are leaning out due to crud in the carb or weak fuel flow.


Re: power fluctuation

I had this same thing happen with my Batavus HS-50 when I forgot to put the air filter back on. I kept leaning out and had to ride with the choke on. Your problem sounds just like mine. I recommend putting the filter back on or at least restricting the air intake somewhat the lean it out a little less.


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