motor neede for Cady

I just purchased a Cady and need a motor. The rest of the bike was in good shape and someone was recently doing work on the engine (now stripped down) I know nothing about these machines, and any info about where I might locate an engine or someone who works on these bikes in the metro Toronto,Canada area would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Re: motor neede for Cady

Cady's were sold by Canadian Tire for $299. They're really cheaply made and are very slow. Mine tops out at 25km/h.

Re: motor neede for Cady

John,I've seen Cady's in Ohio that will move on(30 mph or better).Don't know if they were modified or not.

Re: motor neede for Cady

I have both the Dealership sold version and the Canadian Tire sold version. Both only go 25km/h max. (one will only go 20km/h if I'm lucky).

Re: motor neede for Cady

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

I have a cady too and it's slow, is there a way to make them go faster?

Re: motor neede for Cady

same way you do any engine...

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