rear travel trunk from Cosmo motors

Barbara P /

Received it this week, fyi what a piece of junk! Catalogue said it was fiberglass, it was plastic and the lock worked but it was so shoddily made that you could open it anyway!

So I sent it back for a chrome luggage rack and cargo net.

On the positive side, their dot half helmet is very nice. I also love my Kinetic TFR. It is much nicer than I expected and starts really easily. I'm not sure why it has a "decompression" lever though, you don't need it to start it! Anyone know? Thanks!

Re: rear travel trunk from Cosmo motors

The pedals on a tfr are usable so they are geared higher than some others that have pedals only for legal purposes and to start the engine.If you're able to start it without the decomp.lever,that's o.k.,but I'd use the lever anyway.That way you're not straining your clutch when you start it,and it's less likely to kick back on you.I think my Hero-Majestic ANKUR has the same system.It will start without the decomp. lever but I like to use the lever anyway.

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