full throttle??

hello, can anyone answer this? i guess it pertains to all peds. is it bad to ride at full throttle for long distances. my puch maxi does about 42mph, and i notice i have it wide open for a good part of my rides to keep up with cars.of course when theres traffic, or stopping situations the speed is up and down. what do you guys and gals think? i just dont want to chance damage to my ped. thanks ahead of time.

Re: full throttle??

Wayne Broderick /

I was told that on any 2-stroke, from chainsaws to mopeds are designed to have the throttle 'worked'. My opinion is that you won't damage it keeping the throttle stationary, but I always try to 'rev' the engine just a little.

My friend, who is a motorcycle mechanic (doesn't work on 2-stroke) said the reasoning behind this is to let the engine 'cool' and 'gather oil'

Some of the guys with more experience will have informaton about this.

Re: full throttle??

I always heard that you should cool down your ped after a long ride. Maybe this is more important than worrying about full throttle rides. They say a minute or two of considerably slower riding after a hard ride is the correct thing to do for a two cycle before shutting down the engine.

Re: full throttle??

Hi,Ralph! If you're going to run it at top rpms then go to a full synthetic 2-cycle oil and run it about 40:1.If,however your engine is not straining,and you do a `plug chop'and you're not running too lean,just ENJOY that excellent top speed.Heck! Most of us don't go over 35mph very often,unless we `hop-up' the engine.So enjoy your success.

Re: full throttle??

Reeperette /

In truth, I've never had a problem - I tend to bang the throttle to the stop and hold it there for extremely long lengths of time...30-40 miles or more.

As long as you have a good mix, (40:1 or 43:1), very good maintainence...and a solid machine under you, you should not have a problem.

Two things to mention on that...downhill, keep the throttle open, at least a little, for proper lubrication to the engine...and don't shut down immediately from a full-honk ride over significant distance...let it idle 3-5 minutes and then shut down to avoid temperature difference from affecting seals and whatnot.

Also, check bolts and fittings regularly if you ride like I do, cause riding flat-out causes them to loosen faster.

But having thrown down what has to be well over 50,000 miles on mopeds, and most of that at flat-out...I've never seen a problem with it, really.


Re: full throttle??


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