My ped self distructed!!!

I decided to go for a is a beautiful crisp fall day...and first the chain fell off - as well as knocking off a metal chain guide that it part of the engine. Fortunatly I was riding with others and after we got the chain back on when I started up again...after a few feet, someone noticed that motor oil spilling out the bottom. It was coming from under the transmission cover and of course I had no tools with me(let that be a lesson!).

The ped is a 1983 Safari with a Minarelli V1 motor. It has a so called variomatic(sp) transmission. Does anybody have a clue what the heck could have happened?

Anyway to continue my saga...I was half way between home and a motorcycle shop (and of course no cell phone signal) so I decided to take it to the motorcycle shop because I don't have any specialized tools to deal with such a problem. The shop owner suggested that I upgrade to something more reliable! I really love this ped because it is an old Italian top tank - weighs a ton - and is very large sized.

Does anybody have a clue what could be wrong and if it is repairable? I was thinking it might be a transmission gasket or something hopefully cheap.

I am really upset that this happened but I should not be surprised as it is 18 years old.

Suggestions welcome...


Re: My ped self distructed!!!

it could very easily just be a gasket. you can drain the oil, and then take off the clutch cover and see how the gasket looks. you can eaily get another gasket and put one in.

now to the "chain guide that is part of the engine" ... do you mean the front sprocket? or the crankshaft? if you hurt the sprocket, that's easy. just get a new one and be sure to put it on properly.

however ... if you damaged the crankshaft and/or the shock loosened things in the engine, you might have bigger problems. but i doubt that.

if the oil was comming out of the clutch cover (you don't have a transmission, the v1 doesn't have that at all), then you can also maybe just get a new clutch cover. use a 5mm allen wrench to remove the cover and check out the gaskets first. then inspect the cover itself.

if you're just leaking a bit, it's probalby just that your clutch cover wasn't on tight enough. happens a lot, you should tighten those things every once in a while. good luck.

Re: My ped self distructed!!!


Thanks...I hope that it is just a gasket, I don't think that I did any internal damage because it started up and ran after the chain fell off the first time.

The peice that broke off was a cylindrical shaped thing on the side that i think is used to keep the chain from dropping too low. It was not a sprocket or anything like that. I can probably just hot glue it back inplace. It left a small depression in the side of the engine...but was definitly not the source of the leak.

How I wished that I had some Allen wrenches with me!!!

Sounds like you have experience with Minarelli V1's...



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