Peugeot Spark Plugs

Can any of you Peugeot owners tell me what kind of Bosch spark plugs you use, I have a 1977 103 and am scratching my head on Bosch. I would like to convert from my NGK br6hs which I am not sure is even the correct plug for the Peugeot. The NGK = a Bosch w7ac but these are no where to be found? What are all of you Peugeot owners using as plugs?


Re: Peugeot Spark Plugs

Reeperette /

Call your local Foreign Auto Parts store.

I am not wholly sure which auto uses it (I think some VW products use W8AC) - but I do think at least one model of Foreign car uses a W7AC, and so you should be able to get them there.

Good Luck,


Re: Peugeot Spark Plugs

Nope, tried that already, probably will go with a Bosch w8ap, which is a platinum plug. Maybe I will throw in a little extra oil to make sure the engine don't get to hot. I don't think that the w8ap is that much differnt than the w7ac though obvisoulsy it is different. I am not sure though actually now as I think about it wether the "8" is hotter on Bosch than a "7" do you know Reeperette? Tanx!

Re: Peugeot Spark Plugs

I have 3 PEUGEOT 103V and all is NGK B6HS .

In my PEUGEOT OWNWER'S BOOK they said use this plug !


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